Coexistance Plan is Gateway for GM Alfalfa Contamination – CBAN and NFU Commentary and Technical Paper

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and the National Farmer’s Union wrote a commentary and technical paper entitled “The Canadian Seed Trade Association’s So-called ‘Coexistence Plan’ is a Gateway to GM Alfalfa Contamination” (July 2013).

The paper can be found at:

International News: “Colombia farmer’s uprising puts the spotlight on seeds”

On September 6th, 2013, GRAIN “a small international non-profit organization that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems” posted an update to its article “Colombia farmers’ uprising puts the spotlight on seeds”.

An except from the update:

“The Colombian government has just announced that it is suspending Resolution 970, which was the subject of massive public outcry in recent weeks thanks to the huge peasant mobilisation launched on 19 August. The Resolution, adopted in 2010 and sometimes referred to as Law 970, made it illegal for Colombian farmers to save seeds in order for private companies and transnational corporations to gain monopoly control over the market.”

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