If you are interested in taking part in the discussion or bringing a particular issue or action to No More GMOs please contact us for information on our next meeting. Our meetings are open to all members of our local communities.

No More GMOs is also a founding member of the Toronto Non GMO Coalition. The Coalition is comprised of various groups working together on the GMO issue who meet regularly to coordinate actions and events around the Greater Toronto Area.  If your group would like to attend an action or meeting please visit for more information.

Upcoming Events in the Greater Toronto Area

MODIFIED screens at Carlton Cinema!

 20 Carlton Street, Toronto

June 1 – 7, 2018

Daily matinees at 1:30pm 

Daily evening screenings at 6:40pm

*Advance tickets are recommended:

Each evening screening, Aube will be in attendance along with special guest co-presenters (a different one each night of the week, see below!) for a post-film discussion and Q & A.

June 1: Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

June 2: Heather Lee, co-founder of the Toronto Non-GMO Coalition and No More GMOs Toronto.

June 3Andria Teather, Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

June 4Lulu Cohen-Farnell, Founder & Director, Real Food for Real Kids

June 5John Greyson and Barbara Evans, filmmakers and professors at York University’s Film Department

June 6Rachel Parent, Founder of Kids Right To Know

June 7Brett Hawes, Clinical Holistic Nutritionist / Superfood Revival

Here is a description of Aube’s film and its journey so far:

In Modified, the filmmaker and her mother embark on a very personal and poignant investigative journey to find out why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products in Canada and the US, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world. The film, which is also a vibrant celebration of food and cooking, has been touring international film festivals and has received 6 festivals awards, including two Audience Choice awards. World-renowned chef Jacques Pépin calls the film “a very personal, tender, touching tribute and a well-researched, enlightening and powerful documentary”. Featuring prominent voices such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Senator Bernie Sanders, the film had its Canadian theatrical release in Montreal last week with great reviews in Le Devoir, Journal Metro, and LaPresse.

Filmmaker Aube Giroux is known for her online farm-to-table cooking show on PBS Food which received the 2012 Saveur Magazine Best Food Blog Award and was nominated for two James Beard Awards. “Modified” is her first feature-length documentary. It is executive and co-produced by acclaimed producer Camelia Frieberg, known for Atom Egoyan’s Oscar-nominated “The Sweet Hereafter”.

Watch the film’s theatrical trailer at:


Thursday Nov 13, 2014: GE Food & Your Health

This Speakers’ Tour seeks to provide the Canadian public with an opportunity to discuss their concerns around GE foods from a scientific perspective. Speakers: Thierry Vrain a retired genetic engineer who after a 30-year career with AgricuIture Canada who now speaks against GE technology, and Mr. Tony Mitra, an internationally active citizen journalist and food security activist.
OISE Auditorium 252 Bloor Street West
Doors open at 6pm, Event 7-9pm
Pay it Forward – suggested $5 at the door.

Saturday Nov 15, 2014: Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Food For Thought

This fun and informational all-day event (1 pm to 3 am) includes: – three panels of speakers who will address the following “dangerous ideas”: 1.  The Seed is Sacred; 2. Soil is an Intelligence; 3. A World Beyond Pesticides- a tapas reception and intimate session with the keynote speaker, the revolutionary Dr. Vandana Shiva- celebratory late night dance party featuring local musical talent.

Daniels Spectrum 585 Dundas Street East Toronto




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